Proposal: Draft 1


­­Coventry University

BA (Hons) Photography

Independent Practice: Realisation 367MC                                     


Student: Kat Korwaser Ullman                              Date: 06.01.16

Working title:


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out including the methodology you will undertake, the presentation strategy you aim to employ, and the context for which you intend to create the work.


After working in the hospitality industry during my year out, for the company DrinkUp.London, my love for the industry was founded. After I graduate I would like to get back into the industry so I wanted my final year project to help me start thinking about the field again. I felt the best way to do this would be to look into the trends of the industry as this will make sure I am up-to-date. I believe this is interesting as it effects our in a nonintrusive way. It determines what we eat and drink in restaurants, pubs and bars. They usually start in high-end places like a Michelin starred restaurants, then go through more everyday restaurants and bars and then even sometimes end up in our supermarkets.


Still in the infant stages the audience of my project is quite broad. I would say adults that regularly go out eating and or drinking. I hope to inform them of the reasons they are presented with the food on the menu.


To achieve this I will begin to research into current and past trends within the industry and photograph projects in response to this. I will look at the styles of photographs that people who are current in the field take but also see if I can incorporate that into my work. Once I have started to gain a better understanding of where I want to go with my work and my style I will do in depth research into that field.


There are many photographers that photograph food and drink, which in turn documents trends in food and drink such as Addie Chin & Scott Choucino. Usually they have been commissioned by a bar, restaurant or brand, which are the main sources of trends. There are also numerous photos on social media particularly Instagram. In this people document what they have been eating and drinking and where. This in itself is a trend as restaurants and bars try to make their food and drink ‘Instagrammable’ so it attracts more customers. Other related work would be in food and drink magazines, particularly that look at trends within the industry such as Hot Dinners, Square Meal, Cocktail Lovers and Bar Magazine. Also various food and drink festivals like the DrinkUp.London festivals, Taste of London and BBC Good Food. These bring trends to consumer’s attention in a different format.



Identify the skills you think you will need to develop, and the resources you envisage being required to enable a successful resolution of your idea within the given time and theme.


I have a small amount of photographic experience in photographing drinks when working for DrinkUp.London I have photographed around 20 different cocktails, the press launch for London Cocktail Week (LCW) 2014, London Beer Week (LBW) 2015 and London Wine Week (LWW) 2015. As well as photographing a day during London Cocktail Week 2014. Besides this I have worked across the three festivals the company hosts, during the festivals many of the drinks trends are shown through the drinks put forward by the bars for each festival. For example over a third of all drinks put forward in LCW 15 were made with the base spirit of whisk(e)y or bourbon. The possible reason for this was from the popularity of the TV series Mad Men – another reason I find the topic so interesting the trends consumers are exposed to are inspired from anywhere and everywhere. As well as the events that the bars and brands put forward such as hosting supper clubs or paring beer and food events whilst blindfolded.


To achieve this I will need various bits of equipment, as my idea develops I might need specific pieces like studio lighting or film cameras. But to start I will use my Nikon D800 and my 35mm lens or 24-120mm lenses and to edit Photoshop. However, I like using film cameras so I might use any of the ones I own like my Polaroid, Diana, Holga, Canon A1 or AE1.


Plan how you will use the study time allocated for this Module. This would include dates for tutorials, seminars, workshops, shooting, processing, printing, editing, mounting etc. (You are advised to build in a one-week buffer zone – i.e. have everything ready a week before the deadline, as something always goes wrong..!)


Each week I plan to take between 1-3 shoots for my project, which I can bring to individual tutorial to discuss where to go and what to do.


By February I hope to have a completely firm idea for my project and be able to potential routes for me to go down.


By mid April I hope to know what my final piece will be and how it will be presented. By the end of April I will have sent the photographs off for print or however I will present it.








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