Photographs I like

I wanted to think about work that I admire, and potentially see if I can incorporate it into my work.

One person that I mention in my proposal is Addie Chinn, he is the main photographer for DrinkUp’s festivals. One of his photographs I have used as the featured image. I love the use of a low depth of field in his work. A lot of his work is shot above or at a diagonal line down towards the drink or food item. One thing I notice in his work is the use of contrasting colours, such as a red napkin on a blue table or the bright yellow of a lemon against the dull blue/grey table. This style is definitely something I will bear in mind for my project.

There are a number of people I follow on Instagram, who photograph in similar ways. One of the most followed is @ClerkenwellBoyEC1 his work is something that I would describe as clean. A lot of the photographs are taken from above on white or very simple backgrounds. The food looks like it has been placed so naturally as there is so much going but it isn’t overwhelming. It’s a style I really like but find hard to recreate.

Nat Davies’ work is  very rustic and feels almost traditional. There’s little bits of detail in his work that just give it more context. For example the addition of a pen, spoon, chopping board or some flowers, each gives the photo a little lift.

Dinah Fried, wrote a book called ‘Fictitious Dishes‘ where she photographed some of the meals that are written about in some of her favourite book, from Moby Dick to Alice in Wonderland to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She even admits these were shot outside of a studio often with home lighting. Again, it’s the little detail to give more of an insight into the book and make you feel like you are really there in the book itself. Again, all of the photographs were shot from above, almost looking like you are about to eat them.

One blog that I simply love the work from is ‘If You Leave’ there is no particular reason I can pinpoint to why I like the work so much. It’s simply that I do just like the work a lot. I think it’s the grain film feel to it and also the simplicity. They’re just nice photographs of quite often mundane things or things we’re just so used to.


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