The first mention of the cocktail is in a 1953 edition of Esquire magazine. Many believe the cocktail is named after a woman. Although there is a mention of tequila and lime from Charles H. Baker in 1939. This is all understandable seeing as good quality tequila has only recently been available to Europe and North America fairly recently. ‘Margarita’ means daisy in Spanish. It is also a tequila based ‘Daisy cocktail’, which is proved by the fact in a Syracuse newspaper there is a mention of a Tequila Daisy, which is the recipe for a Margarita.


Many people have put their name in to say that they invented the Margarita, according to Simon Difford there are six of note. Three I think seem most likely are:


  1. Vernon Underwood who’s company started to distribut Cuervo tequila in the USA in the 1930s. He went to Tail O’ The Cock a bar in Los Angeles and asked the head bartender to create a drink with the spirit.
  2. Sara Morales – an expert in Mexican focklore claimes it was created by Doña Bertha, owner of a bar in Taxco, Mexico.
  3. Daniel Begrete created it in 1936 when he was the manager of a hotel in Puebla, Mexico. His girlfriend, Mararita liked to put salt in her drinks and he claims to create the drink for her.


The recipe is tequila, lime juice and triple sec (2:1:1) or take out triple sec for 10ml of agave syrup for a Tommy’s margarita.

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