Pisco Sour

The Pisco sour has been reported to have been created by Elliot Stubb who opened up a bar in a Peruvian port although now it is Chile. This has since been contested and in 2009 where the origins have been traced back to Vaughen Morris Jones who immigrated to Peru from Salt Lake City, Utah in 1903. He created it after running out of whiskey for his whiskey sours for an inauguration ceremony.  He then moved to Lima and opened a bar in 1916 where the Pisco Sours were on the menu. As the bartenders moved on they took the recipe with them so the surrounding bars started to have it on their menus too. The Hotel Bolivar, which was staffed by a number of Morris’ bartenders this is acknowledge for the spread of the popularity of the drink and it’s survival.


Although there has even more recently been a discovery of a Peruvian cookbook dating back to 1903 with the cocktail in it. Suggesting that it is a traditional creole cocktail made in Lima. The only difference is ice and the bitters are not in this recipe. This leaves us with one of two thoughts Victor Morris founded it and formally named the cocktail or the original story is true but he hadn’t seen this recipe but still formally named it.


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