The Alexander

The original Alexander cocktail is a 1:1:1 recipe of gin , crème de cacao and cream. Again there are a number of different possibilities for where the drink started from the first being from a news section in October 1915 Philadelphia. In this clipping it says how the head bartender at the Racquet Club has invented a new type of cocktail the Alexander. Another newspaper clipping from 1929 New York says the origin comes from Troy Alexander who named the cocktail when celebrating a successful advertising campaign for his product. During the Prohibition era homemade bathtub gin was used. In the late 1930s was the first mention of adding brandy instead of gin. This was a 2:1:1 ratio of brandy to crème de cacao and cream. This is now the more popular Alexander. Although there are 9 other variations on the original 9 classic.

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