Research of Artists

After the group tutorial I thought it would be best to have a look at the artists Anthony gave to me.


Laura Letinsky creates very interesting still life images which seem very traditional yet they are very minimalistic (something I really like in a photograph). A lot of the work involves everyday items on a white background yet the photograph creates a feeling of the moment after either with a melted candle or a over ripe, almost moldy melon.


When thinking about the moment after, I immediately thought of this photo, it was taken by my old boss. I really like the feeling it creates of a good night had. As I am looking into drinks this is something that I can look at – the morning after the night before.


Taryn Simon looks at the unseen or things that are not often seen by many, such as a juror’s deliberation room. One of the series is called ‘An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar’. A lot of the work is very simple with little going on in the frame. I find it really interesting but hard to relate to my work. One thing I can think of is what Anthony described as my ‘insiders perspective’ of the drinks industry. One of the ways I show this is I feeling fairly comfortable when a cocktail menu is put in front of me, I understand how the drink will work and pretty much what it will taste like. This has lead to a number of my friends completely trusting me when it comes to ordering drinks. Perhaps there is some way I can do this?

Tracey Moffatt is a photographer and film-maker. She has done various portraiture work and various experimental pieces. The work is something that I find interesting particuarly her use of text in the series ‘Scarred for Life’. In this series in mimics the layout of Life magazine. One of which is ‘Useless’ which shows a young girl cleaning a car underneath the image the text reads ‘Her father’s nickname for her was “useless”.’ Perhaps the use of text to contrast my images is something I can use. Although currently I am not thinking about using text in my work.


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