Artesian Bar

As part of my looking back at the histories of cocktails to make images, I thought it would be appropriate to look at the Artesian. Who, for their Surrealism menu in 2015, did the reverse of what I am trying to achieve for my project.


Bit of the background

The Artesian can be found in the Langham hotel, Marylebone, London. It has been voted best bar of the year from 2012-2015. Until recently it was managed by two leading bartenders, they were known to create some innovative and almost bizarre creations.


As their final menu for the Artesian the duo went all out with their idea of Surrealism. This gave them a lot of creative freedom as really anything goes. They pitched in together to buy SalvadorDali’s Cookbook and used this as a main source of inspiration. They even took a trip to Spain to explore further about Dali’s past. The actual menu was on dark oak with the letters laser engraved in with gold lettering, already setting the scene for an unusual yet luxurious experience. Each of the nineteen drinks was presented differently. One of the stand-out drinks was served from an elephant made from lego, which was inspired by Dali’s paintings as elephants symbolise dominance in this genre.

Info from: Cocktail Lovers

This  idea of looking backwards to create in the future is really admirable and inspirational and makes me think how much more I can do for my research on classic cocktails. Maybe I should pay a visit to places where they were created, look deeper into the lives of those who created them – did they do something else? Were they a painter? Could I incorporate that? There are so many routes to take, I am really excited about this project.


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