Project Proposal Draft 2

­­Coventry University

BA (Hons) Photography

Independent Practice: Realisation 367MC                                     


Student: Kat Korwaser Ullman                              Date: 19.01.16

Working title:


A brief description of the project you will be carrying out including the methodology you will undertake, the presentation strategy you aim to employ, and the context for which you intend to create the work.


After working in the hospitality industry during my year out, for the company DrinkUp.London, my love for the industry was founded. After I graduate I would like to get back into the industry so I wanted my final year project to ease me back into the field again. I felt the best way to do this would be to look into the drinks industry and to learn more about its history.


Still in the infant stages the audience of my project is quite broad. My target audience would probably be the adults that regularly go out eating and or drinking. I hope to inform them about the drinks they choose, where they come from and how drinking trends may have changed.


To achieve this I will begin to research into the history of some of the classic cocktails and also some of the people who made them. I will look at the styles of photographs that people who are current in the field. The initial parts to my research will be in books such as the Periodic Table of Cocktails by Emma Stokes, The Curious Bartender: The Artistry and Alchemy of Creating the Perfect Cocktail by Tristan Stephenson, Imbibe! Updated and Revised Edition: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, a Salute in Stories and Drinks to “Professor” Jerry Thomas, Pioneer of the American Bar by David Wondrich and The Old-Fashioned: The Story of the World’s First Classic Cocktail, with Recipes and Lore by Robert Simonson in Diffords Guide, Imbibe online and DrinkUp.London. Once I have started to gain a better understanding of where I want to go with my work and my style I will do in depth research into that field.


There are many photographers that photograph food and drink, such as Addie Chinn & Scott Choucino. Usually they have been commissioned by a bar, restaurant or brand. There are also numerous photos on social media particularly Instagram. In this people document what they have been drinking and where. Other related work would be in food and drink magazines, particularly those that look at trends within the industry such as Square Meal, Cocktail Lovers and Bar Magazine.


Identify the skills you think you will need to develop, and the resources you envisage being required to enable a successful resolution of your idea within the given time and theme.


I have a small amount of photographic experience in photographing drinks when working for DrinkUp.London I have photographed around 20 different cocktails, the press launch for London Cocktail Week (LCW) 2014, London Beer Week (LBW) 2015 and London Wine Week (LWW) 2015. As well as photographing a day during London Cocktail Week 2014. Besides this I have worked across the three festivals the company hosts, during the festivals many of the drinks are drinks have been inspired by the classics. For example over a third of all drinks put forward in LCW 15 were made with the base spirit of whisk(e)y or bourbon, many of these were takes on the Old Fashioned. The possible reason for this was from the popularity of the TV series Mad Men. This cocktail has had a varied history and has been close to being forgotten in time.


To achieve this I will need various bits of equipment, as my idea develops I might need specific pieces like studio lighting or film cameras. But to start I will use my Nikon D800 and my 35mm lens or 24-120mm lenses and to edit Photoshop. However, I like using film cameras so I might use any of the ones I own like my Polaroid, Diana, Holga, Canon A1 or AE1.


Plan how you will use the study time allocated for this Module. This would include dates for tutorials, seminars, workshops, shooting, processing, printing, editing, mounting etc. (You are advised to build in a one-week buffer zone – i.e. have everything ready a week before the deadline, as something always goes wrong..!)


By February I hope to have a completely firm idea for my project and be able to potential routes for me to go down.


Each week I plan to take between 1-3 shoots for my project, which I can bring to individual tutorial to discuss where to go and what to do.


By mid April I hope to know what my final piece will be and how it will be presented. By the end of April I will have sent the photographs off for print or however I will present it.



With reference to the Assessment Requirements (see below) and Intended Learning Outcomes for this Module, specify what you intend to achieve by the end of this project and try and summarize what you hope to have learnt. This section should also include a sentence describing how you want your audience to respond to your work – how, ideally it would be appreciated and understood.


As I continue through this project by brief and outcome will become more defined and clearer. I hope to achieve a better understanding of the history of some of the classic drinks, this in turn will inform me about potential future trends.


Currently I am thinking my work will be shown in a menu style this means I will need to look at menus in current cocktail bars and see what is current and that I can use for mine.





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