Notes from Group Tutorial & Research

After the history of the cocktails didn’t inspire me for any photographs, I was a little nervous to go into the group tutorial. However, it went pretty well considering.


  • Think about exactly what I want from this final project, think outside the box maybe organise an event and document/photograph that
  • Remember that I am being marked on contextualising work, research, technical ability, communication and organisational skills. All of which are transferable.
  • Just have fun with it especially as I don’t want to go into photography.
  • Always talk to someone if I need to talk
  • Think about recipe books
  • Just start shooting – get in the studio – maybe I am thinking too much


Artists to look at:

Natasha Caruana did a series call Love Bomb (2014), in this she researched love potions and created pictures. Her practice became a cycle of research, photograph, reflection. It was suggested her practice might be similar to a way I could work.


Love Bomb evidences Love and Hate after Caruana researched sorcery, chemistry and psychotherapy. She is trying to document her attempts to stay in love, by searching for  love potions and making them in her studio then documenting it.


I find this quite a simple idea but actually it could help me to start photographing. Maybe just simply documenting what I drink at home? I usually have a drink every-so-often with a meal whether it be a whisky and coke or a glass of wine. I could even extend this outwards but using my Instagram account? Especially as this is a trend that is happening more and more.


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