Home Cocktails

After researching about Natasha Caruana’s work Love bomb I was inspired to just start photographing, even if it was the most simplest of ideas.


I thought it will be interesting to photograph the cocktails/drinks I have at home. The first cocktail I had after I had this idea was a Mango Bellini. I started to photograph it, although not having a back bar or something to photograph it against made me think to show the drink in the context of a student life.


I put the drink on my desk and use the background of my desk and laptop. However, I didn’t think that was enough so I used my notepad, which meant I was photographing above like the photos I have seen on Instagram. As I had a low f-stop the writing was too out of focus. As I had to change the exposure levels the photographs become a little darker. Hopefully with a few more cocktails I can improve get where I want to be.



I particularly like the 7th photograph as it is the angle and style I have been going for. It’s a shame I didn’t have a Champagne flute, as that is the correct glassware. However, it does enhance that student-y feel.


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