Drinks Over the Decades

As I am looking into the history of cocktails I was intrigued what there trends of cocktails were over the decades. I found a video and article that selected one cocktail that defines that decade. Interestingly they contest each other, but I am going to select the one that I think best describes the decade from my research:


Early 1900s: Old Fashioned: this when the Old Fashioned was in it’s popularity was at a peak.

1920s: Champagne cocktail: With the glitz and glamour of the decade I felt this cocktail best reflects this.

1930s: Bloody Mary: This was just after the drink was created and was used a morning after pick me up.

1940s: Daiquiri: Rum was still plentiful even with wartime rations

1950s: Martini: US started to import Russian vodka brought this drink back into popularity.

1960s: Mai Tai: Drinkers started to care as much about taste as they did about function and began adding extras to spirits.

1970s: Harvey Wallbanger: As tastes continue to change and want more interesting and exotic flavours this cocktail was an answer to the need

1980s: Pina Colada: Cocktails became a lot sweeter in the 80s this drink shows this trend.

1990s: Long Island Iced Tea: This drink really took off during this decade  as people started to like drinks that really packed a punch.

2000s: Cosmopolitan: Put on the map by Sex in the City.

2010s: Old Fashioned: Due to the popularity of the program Mad Men this whisk(e)y based drink has made a come back. Tastes are also going back to being more refined and simplistic. Interestingly enough this was a trend we noticed during London Cocktail Week 2015, within one year whisk(e)y and  bourbon cocktails increased by 10% to 30!


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