Studio Time Round 2

To start my project off I wanted to get into the studio. I chose 5 of the 11 cocktails to photograph. This was because I felt they had something in their story that would be visually stimulating as some of the cocktails were simply just created by a person.


The five cocktails I chose were:

Bloody Mary, Aviation, Pisco Sour, Daiquiri and Margarita. From this selection picked out an object from their history or one of the histories. The objects I chose were:

  • Bloody Mary: White dress
  • Aviation: Aviator glasses
  • Pisco Sour: Empty whiskey bottle
  • Daiquiri: Hammer
  • Margarita: Daisy

Below are some of the ideas I was playing with.



The reason I chose to photograph the ingredients is to give the photograph more context and to mimic classic cocktail photographs which use ingredients in the photos. Such as:

This Woodford Reserve promo photograph.

Or recipe photographs like this.


I like the photographs but they are just too literal. I’m hoping that the book that Caroline recommended to me will help alongside the feedback session on Tuesday.

One idea I did have was to make the cocktail and somehow combine it with the historical item. However that would prove a problem for most of the items such as the sunglasses. They would need to be used as a garnish instead.



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