Formative Feedback 1

Today we had our first formative feedback session. The feedback from my coursemates was fairly similar. I recieved eleven comments into total.

8 out of 11 of the comments said it was an interesting or unique idea which is very encouraging.

4/11 of the comments asked about presentation, which I have already thought about. Some ask about cocktail menus another suggested sculpture. As they don’t elaborate I am not sure exactly what it means but it could be the cocktails themselves. Maybe I could create something out of menus? Another comment talks about the visual language which is what I am currently struggling with, I will be reading the book that Caroline recommended hopefully that will make things a little clearer.

One comment suggested phootgraphing macro or close up of the textures of the drinks. I don’t feel like that links in with the project but it is an interesting thought.

Another comment suggested to consider the cocktail trends that respond to pop culture such as Disney/TV/film inspired cocktails. However, cocktails have always responded to pop culture and trends of the time. However, it is an interesting concept on what inspires people to create cocktails.

One comment asks if I am focusing on the history of drinks or people’s interactions with them eg advertising? In answer to that: the history.

Someone suggested using film too – I assume that means moving image. Currently that is not how I would like to present my work but again it is an interesting thing to think about.

I was asked a question but I am not entirely sure what they mean “who are you trying to show?” I wasn’t sure if this related to presentation, my audience or the people in the photographs. I don’t want people in the photographs and my audience will be those who enjoy cocktails both at a bar and making them at home.


During the group chat Caroline and Gemma threw some of their ideas in too. Caroline was worried that I haven’t formed a strategy as an end product as I now have an end product to work towards. This is now what I need to focus on. Think about visual language which is why the book on visual language. Start a scrap book (which I have started) alongside with inspiration images. Look at Mark Menjiva’s Luck Archive where he has taken a diverse subject and created an archive of various objects. This project is also in a book form, sadly there isn’t much on the website either. It is also a collection which you can visit. There are photographs of four leaf clovers. The shots are very simple taken on white backgrounds. The collection is a physical one of the items donated such as a pair of lucky toenails.




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