Interesting Artists

As I have been researching for the different aspects for my project I have come across different photographers. This week I have found:


Reciprocity Studio:

This is an agency that is based in Vermont, USA. They offer a wide range of services within that is photography and retouching. In their photography portfolio they have taken photographs with a brand call Caledonia Spirits. The shoot was on location in a bar, and some of the shots are action photographs of the cocktails being made. The photographs are very clear and crisp – it helped that they had huge windows that allowed a lot of light. The photographs themselves have a very low depth of field so you really focus on the cocktail and their ingredients if they are in the image. This is quite a common tecnique, but in one of the photographs the cocktail is out of focus and the spirit bottle is in focus. It is understandable why they have done this as it was a photo shoot for the spirit. However, these slight differences in photographing an image might lift my photographs.

They also do a lot of photographs of food, these are again in a similar style to what I like with a white background, taken from above with a lot of bright colours of the food. The food is also arranged is a playful way such as a jar of nuts spilling out, slices of fuit being used and not the whole fruit etc.


Daniel Kieger is a portrait, food and drinks photographer in New York City, USA. He works with a number of bars and brands. A lot of his work is location work, in each photograph I feel like I get a real understanding of the restaurant. I like the use of table edges in the work as it gives a sense of the space as you can see the floor or the walls. Again, he has also used people in the photographs to add action such as them pouring syrup or cutting meat. It adds an extra bit of interest to the photos.


His cocktail photographs are similar, a lot of the images are shot at a downwards diagonal line. He also uses table edges, which adds angles and lines into the photograph making it more visually stimulating. There are also a small number of photographs which have contrasting colours in them such as a orange cocktail agasint a blue table. These little bits of interest in a photograph I hope to incorporate into my work as I feel it will lift it.


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