Photography and Text

There are various ways in which photography and text work together. In this post I want to keep exploring ways in which photographers and artists have used them


Wendy Ewald has done a number of collaborative projects with children. One project she worked on was photographing communities then the children of that community wrote over the negatives. This puts into question who really makes an image. I feel like this technique creates the belief it is more personal as subject is essentially destroying the original photograph. Currently I am not thinking about taking my photographs on analogue so I don’t feel like it completely relates to my photograph. The closest would be to write on the photographs in post production. This is something that is happening as a trend particularly on Instagram, Pinterest and blogs. On a photograph of a cocktail and the ingredients are written in post-production, such as this and this.


William Yang is well known for incorporating writing into his practice. One of his series Old New Borrowed Blue, in the series there is a section of self portraits. These depict Yang’s time growing up in Australia and his journey embracing his identity as an Australian citizen. He uses writing over the photographs as a way to give more context to the image. You can see this as the writing states things like “I visited China for the first time in 1989. Everyone welcomed me”. Again, this doesn’t feel as applicable to my work as it isn’t a journey or a reflection of my own experiences. I also don’t particularly like writing directly over a photograph as it detracts from my work.


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