Jennifer Pattison

Jennifer Pattison is most known for her portraits particuarly the series ‘In Sight of My Skin’. Her most recent project ‘Levitation, Ice and the Limits of Reality’ is inspired by the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez.  This book has many supernatural elements to  them such as a woman levitating and going off into the sky never to return. The photographs she took were a response to the book, her aim was not to recreate the photographs.


Some of these photos I do feel like they were almost like a recreation, such as the girl levitating and disappearing. The images in response to this are a girl in the air (who was jumping) then the next photo of the same place but without the girl. When I think about this in relation to my project I think about the Bloody Mary story with the red splashed down the front of the dress. I feel like if I were to taken inspiration from Pattison then I would be photographing the dress with the red splashed down the front. However, I feel like this is too literal and obvious. I want to do something a little more than just that.


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