Group Tutorials

I had two group tutorials today one with Anthony and the other with Caroline.



Lisa Barber is a London based photographer specialising in advertising and editorial photography. Within this she has photographed drinks, food and still life. A lot of her work does seem very commercial and not exactly what I am going for. There is a lot of green in her food work, possibly because it is a natural colour and if she works for magazines this is something they might want to put forward to readers. As much as the work is good for magazines I don’t like it in relation to my project.


Howard Sooley is also a London based photographer. Part of his work is related to food. A lot of the photographs are very simple with no distractions in shot. It is really food to look at his work to remind myself that sometimes less is more. He seems to have done some work with some restaurants, and documenting the food that they serve and some of the people behind them. Again, some of this work isn’t exactly what I am going for.



We looked at my work from my second time in the studio, which I don’t like but I explained my reasoning for it. We then looked at what I do like, with Dinah Fried’s Fictitious Dishes.


  • Emily suggested I look at Fashitects
  • Caroline told me to play around and go with what I want to do.
  • Just experiment


Fachitect is a blogger and photographer from London. Some of his work is flat lay photography and has worked with alcohol brands such as Jagermeister and Beefeater. He incorporates recipes into the work along with lifestyle items like clothes and shoes. This is very similar to my work in terms of composition and set up of the shot. The colours match very well and the eye is never really diverted out of the picture. I have analysed some of the work in my sketchbook.


On one of the pages in his blog he explains how he takes his food photo looks – some aren’t always flat lays but I feel like this gives me a good understanding. Although this is for Instagram so some of it is irrelevant to me such as “use natural lighting” as I am looking at using studio lights for my final piece.

1. Choose your seating near natural lighting. (Closest to the window, or outdoors on a rooftop terrace if your fancy)
2. Textured Table Surfaces add more character to give an atmosphere (Wooden tables, clean white, tiles)
3. Ordering photographic and presentable food on the menu (Of courses, it has to tingle your tastebuds)
4.Arrange the table in an organized yet chaos manor, try to create Art and style in your frames
5. Nice plates and cutlery is a bonus, add extra lifestyle accessories for additional decoration
6.Hand modeling on the table and interacting with the food, props, drinks.
7. Take Photo with a flatlay angle. (View from Above) Iphone does the job.
8. (Stand on chairs for more table context) or get friend/waiter assistances with taking the two hand photos.
9.Use editing apps: Snapseed, VSCO Cam, & even instagram. Add exposure, contrast, saturation & sharpness to the images.
10.Bon Apetite! You can finally eat. The quicker you are at these photos, the less colder your food is…

I hope to get good backgrounds for my images – I don’t want them to be too distracting but give enough context to the photo too.


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