Individual Tutorial

I had a tutorial with Caroline, Gemma and also the guest lecturer Martin Pover.


Martin Pover:

He said think about publication – why not publish the book? Then to look at trends of books if the trends are now using black and white photos I should reflect that. To find out I should talk to publications.


Caroline and Gemma:

They liked the photos but I need to look at composition and  where am I leading the eyes of the viewer? Also play with different textures. So look at similar photos and see how they compose the shots.


Also look at Ori Gersht’s series Blow Up.

Blow Up depict  floral arrangements based on 19th Century still-life paintings by Henri Fantin-Latour. In his photographs Gersht blows up the photographs and he takes the shot at the moment of exploding. What are usually thought of delicate, the flowers are now being used in something very destructive. Which shows the relationship of violence and beauty.

Gersht feels the violence is grotesque but also it can be attractive. His work is a commentary on the absurdities around us such as in one place there is war and terror but almost across the street people are living a comfortable and lovely life.

I think this work is really interesting take on a story he wishes to tell, how he finds something beautiful and destroys it yet it is still a very beautiful thing. In some of the photographs I want to have some chaos to them, particularly with the spill of the bloody Mary but I still need it to look aesthetically pleasing.


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