Flat Lay Ideas

As I am looking at flat lays I thought I should see if there are any good tips around (besides looking at artists who do it)


I have found various articles although a lot of these are for amateurs or Instagram users so many mention to use lots of light – preferably natural. I know I will be using a softbox for the final shoots. Here are some of the points I picked up:

  • Simple background – nothing too distracting. Either one colour or two tones. But also use something that adds context – if you’re on a beach use the sand.
  • Play with different textures for your background – just to add a little more interest.
  • Composition is key – usually less is more. If you have a main item put this down first and work around it.
  • Don’t lay things equal distances apart. However each item does need it’s own space.
  • Try to keep within the same tones and make sure they compliment each other
  • Stick to one theme – don’t over complicate
  • Don’t put too many objects in one section of the photograph.



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