Researching Objects For Each Photograph

For each cocktail I have researched into I wanted to make sure I have the objects relating to the story. First, I decided on the most ‘photographable’ cocktails from what I have researched.

For all the drinks I will get from either a supermarket or The Whisky Exchange.

For the glassware I will either go to Drinksware, Urban bar or a department store.


Black Velvet:

  • Black satin background: as this was created in response to Prince Alberts Death I felt this would be appropriate, as it will mirror the dresses Victoria wore post Albert’s death.
  • Black lace: to add texture to the background.
  •  Guinness (or other Stout) and Champagne: the ingredients for the drink.
  • Champagne flute: how you serve the drink
  • Orange blossom: this was part of the first gift Albert gave to Victoria. Also to represent the white flowers she put on his bed after his death maybe in a wreath to mimic the headwear she wore on their wedding day
  • Gold & Porcelain Brooch: Again part of the first gift Albert gave to Victoria
  • Maybe something blue: to represent the blue room Albert died in


I would like it to be quite simple so I don’t want too many objects in the photograph.

For the orange blossom I will buy from Etsy an online craft market place. Similarly with the brooch and material. Otherwise I might buy the material from a craft or sewing shop.


Bloody Mary

  • Tomato juice/vodka/salt/pepper/celery/ice: the ingredients
  • Shaker/strainer/measurer/lemon squeezer/knife/stirer: bar material
  • White dress: for the evening gown
  • Bracelet/necklace: to mirror the evening gown
  • Collins glass
  • Volley ball or sports related image
  • Bar floor/chopping board: background



  • Gin/maraschino liqueur/creme de violette/lemons: ingredients
  • Cocktail cherries?
  • Cocktail glass
  • Plane
  • Aviator glasses
  • Blue background: mirror sky


Espresso Martini

  • Coffee beans/vodka/coffee liqueur/sugar syrup: ingredients
  • Coffee machine equipment
  • Party items eg party poppers: representing the ‘f**k me up”
  • Martini glass
  • Bar top background?



  • Gin/lemon juice/blackberry liqueur/ blackberries/crushed ice: ingredients
  • Basket: blackberry picking
  • Bramble/flowers: English countryside
  • Plasters: where he cut himself.
  • Grass or picnic bench or gingham background? Gingham in Europe and US has been a associated with country and wholesome image.
  • Tumbler glass


Moscow Mule

  • Smirnoff/ginger beer/lime: ingredients
  • Copper mug
  • Polaroids (polaroid camera)
  • Money or dollars?


Remember The Maine

I’m not completely sure if I would like to photograph this cocktail but while I am still deciding and photographing the other cocktails I will put my ideas down:

  • Flags: Spanish/USA/Cuban as this cocktail was inspired by the sinking of the battleship the Maine which prompted the war between Spain and the US over Cuba as a territory I feel it is best to have the three flags, either as the background – although this could be very garish and/or distracting. Or to have three mini flags.
  • Absinthe, bourbon, cherry liqueur & martini rosso: ingredients for the drink
  • Battleship: to represent the Maine
  • Cocktail glass/coupe

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