The Aviation most probably was named after the rockstars of the time: aviators. As cocktails have often reflected what was in vogue at the time this doesn’t seem any different. Potentially the crème de violette could be mirroring the blue sky.


The first 35mm camera was created in 1913 this then became a standard for all cameras. This also allowed photographers to document the war with ease. As this was during the war most photographs were documenting the events among other events across the world such as 1911 the building of the Empire state building.


Fauvism and Expressionism  refers to the work by a group of artists between 1905-10. The characteristics of the work include bold colours and brush work. Similarly to the Post-Impressionists the brush strokes were strong and vivid. One of the people involved were Henri Matisse, who is considered to be the leader of the style. The subjects of the paintings varied from landscape, still life, portraiture, interiors and particularly the female form. True to the style Matisse used vibrant colours

Cubism, Futurism, Suprematism and Constructivism  (1905-1920) each are these are their own style.

  • Cubism is an abstract style which wanted to highlight the 2D-ness of the world so objects would be reduce to geometric shapes.
  • Futurism is an artistic and social movement to highlight the technology and objects that showed progression the work looked toward the future. I feel like this links with the Aviation as it focuses on planes. This contains bright colours and abstract shapes. I don’t feel like it totally fits in with the photograph I currently have in mind for the Aviation as I want the photograph to be classy to reflect the drink itself.
  • Suprematism was another abstract movement which contained geometric shapes. The idea behind the movement showed spiritual purity. These images are a lot simpler than Futurism and Cubism as they just contain basic shapes with no obvious pattern.
  • Constructivism was a movement in favour of art as a practice for social purposes. Constructivists believed art should be a direct reflection on the modern industrial world. The work wasn’t just paintings and drawings it contained sculpture too. Bold and simple would be a way to describe it – almost like adverts.


During the war women dawned more practical clothing for working such as overalls. However, at the start of the decade women wore frilly blouses, fluted skirts with a high waistline. Whereas the men wore three-piece lounge suits but during the war men would be photographed more in military uniform.


As this is a focus on aviators they wore military uniform. They did have goggles but not sunglasses – they came into use around a decade later.


This was still in the ‘Classic Age’ of bars according to David Wondrich. Drinking was very popular.


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