The Bloody Mary cocktail was allegedly  created in 1927 when Mary Brown Warburton spilt the drink down herself.



There were no significant changes in photography various cameras and film sizes were being used from 35mm-130mm. Various documentary projects were being undertaken such as Eugene Atget’s Old Paris’s project finished.


As Cubism, Futurism, Suprematism and Constructivism continued. Another art movement started which was Surrealism, which was launched by Andre Breton in 1924. Inspired by the work of Freud Surrealism aimed to reveal the unconscious and understand it. Surrealism is very broad and there is no one thing to describe it.


For women, waistlines dropped to hip level towards the end half of 20s, hems were knee level and dresses were paired with knee-high stockings – think flapper girls. Jewellery was very prominent which included large brooches and strings of pearls . I am thinking about including some jewellery for the photograph as this will relate to the times of the origin of the cocktail but also the evening-wear of Mary’s.

For men narrow-cut lounge suits and pointed collars were the rage. Pared with modern knot ties that would be plain or simply patterned.


This was during the Prohibition era so speakeasies were the bar people would go to get drinks. With varnished dark wood bar tops the bars would be at the back of coffee shops or underground so there would be no natural light. This means the photograph should be quite dark.



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