The Moscow Mule was created by Rudolf Kunnet when he acquired a vodka brand that wasn’t doing so well that went by the name of Smirnov. His business partner who then bought a dying brand of ginger beer. They mixed the ginger beer and vodka, rounded it off with a squeeze of lime. They served it in a copper mug – allegedly from another failing business. And thus the Moscow Mule was born.


In 1947 Polaroid photography was invented, as the Polaroid was pivotal in the popularity of the Moscow Mule I feel like I need to include it in the photograph in some way. This was during WW2 a lot of photography was focused on documenting that.


Abstract Expressionism was a trend within the art world during the 1940s and 50s. It was split into two groups, one is defined by gestural brush strokes and the idea of spontaneity and improvisation. Artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning define this grouping. The second section were inspired by religion and mythology. They produced work to help mediative thought the canvas would be large but the design would be simple in terms of colour and composition. Artists from this school of thought were Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still.


As this was during the war there were fabric shortages so clothes were made with minimum fabric so they had fewer designs, pleats and trimmings. For women, skirts were a little below were below the knee and straight. These were paired with boxy jackets with padded shoulders.

For men they would wear military uniforms, if they weren’t in uniform men wore lounge suits with broad shoulders paired with high waisted trousers.



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