1983 & 1985

These two dates relate to two drinks created by Dick Bradsell. 1983 saw the birth of the Espresso Martini when a women came into the bar Bradsell managed and asked for a drink to “wake her up and f- her up”. 1985 saw the birth of the Bramble – a drink in response to his childhood memories of the English countryside.


In 1981 the first digital electronic still camera the photographs could then be displayed in a television or colour printer. In 1986 disposable cameras or ‘single use cameras’.


Post modernism started in the 1970s and had it’s peak in the 80s. It shattered original ideas of art and allowed for a huge amount of freedom. In the 80s it became a style statement just like a lot of things of the decade.


A very distinctive decade, tailored suits quite often paired with romantic look blouse. Jewellery ranged from costume to fine, big earrings stones, diamante, pearls and gold chains were statement pieces. Bright and powerful colours were very common.


Bars weren’t so dissimilar to the style of the people. Bright colours and discos to match a lot of the drinks of the time which used various liqueurs and crazy straws.


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