Individual Tutorial

I had a quick chat with Anthony today it was hard to say much as I am still waiting for a lot of material to arrive and experiment with so a lot of the feedback was just keep experimenting. He also has put me in contact with a bar owner to try some on location practice, so fingers crossed for that!

He also said to look at the work of Jan Von Holleben, a German photographer who works a lot with children to create some very playful and often fantastical pieces. A lot of his work is also looking down at his still lifes. He uses a multiple exposure to create a backdrop that can be unusual, which can play on perspectives. For example buttons that are larger than heads or using clothes pegs that are sun rays in the photograph. His work is very inventive almost like a child has created it. His work on puberty is very creative and funny where he uses other objects as other things to make the subject less imposing. For example flowers are used instead of spots on the face as well as breasts, and bunches of flowers for hair, bananas and carrots are used instead of penises and  balloon, with popcorn and milk bottles for a breast. I really like his creativity and again it does make me think how I can be more creative with my work, but I don’t want to go too far and make my work not understandable especially as it refers to a real moments as opposed to a concept.


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