Interesting Artists

Scott Grummett is a food photographer and director from London who has worked with various brands such as Honest Burgers, Lurpak and KFC. He has also worked with bars and for cocktail photographs such as with Peg+Patriot in London and Grey Goose vodka. His work is on location rather than the studio.

As his work is very commercial as he has been commissioned to sell the project, which is not my intention of my work as I am trying to get a story across. Additionally because the photographs are trying to get a consumer to buy the project the lighting and editing is very flattering, which also isn’t what I am trying to do. I want to be quite honest with the drinks and ingredients I use.

Lorenzo Vitturi has always been intrested in the decay of objects and places, and uses photography as a way to document it. He decided to focus on Ridley Road Market, Dalston, London before its gentrification. Vitturi aimed to document the life of those there and the mix of culture of African, Caribbean and Asian. As he walked around the area he would get objects that would inspire him then take them back to his studio to construct still life photographs out of them. The objects have been suspended to create very interesting shapes. I find the work really interesting as the colours reflect what I associate with the cultures in Dalston. However, I am not sure about the sculptures as much as I find them interesting I don’t understand the point. I wonder if because they look so delicate this is a comment on the fragile nature of the area itself that is eventually going to fall down due to the change? I like how he aims to tell the story through his images and it certainly makes me think differently about I can set up my shots and play with backgrounds a lot more. As his backgrounds are a varying range of textures and colours.


Sarah Anne Ward is a New York based photographer who specialises in food and drink photography. A lot of her work uses flatlays or downwards angles. I really like her work, her commercial work is all of it is lit very brightly, again because she is selling the project. However, her project work is stunning. I particularly like the series ‘Memories of My Future’ where she has references of the past but it feels oddly futuristic. She gives the impression of a lonely existence as you only see one dinner set, one pair of hands and one chair. The lighting is quite light a spotlight, highlighting the dinner for one  but also showing that as there is only one person in the lighting doesn’t need to be a bright. Looking at Wards work really shows me the difference between my work and hers. I want to sit down in the next few days and plan my photographs at lot more so I get a better shot.


Will Styer is a still life photographer, part of his work is in food and drink. You can definitely see that his work is very commercial, so everything feels quite perfect and pristine, which is not what I am looking to go for. However, there are so many interesting textures he uses such as the hard, glass-like caramel and the brittle. Or the burnt marshmallow next to the normal white marshmallow. Also how he contrasts his backgrounds to what the food is like a lobster roll is quite orange and red which he has put on a green background, again this highlighting the product. This isn’t what I want, I’d rather tell the story than highlight the drink.




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