Stephanie Gonot

Stephanie Gonot is a photographer based in Los Angeles. A lot of her work is still life, in which she uses colour and humour to move herself apart.

One of her projects was with the alcohol brand Chambord in collaboration with Adi Goodrich, which is a good pairing as Goodrich also works within humour and colour. As well as Chambord being very fun too, for example it’s current campaign is #BecauseNoReason shows the versatility of the drink with colourful adverts. In Gonot and Goodrich’s collaboration they are showing the Chambord Margarita (which is not currently part of Chambord’s campaign) some of the photos show the ingredients and others just of the drink. A lot of the colours clash such as yellow of wall and turquoise floor, the green of the lime and red/pink or pomegranate , the black and white of the chess board and the golden tequila with the purple of the Chambord. Interestingly there is no drink in the shot. Other images were taken at a downwards angle such as multiple drinks on a chess board – this again has clashing colours of the red of the drink and the green of the lime and the black and white of the chess board. This work makes me consider the colours I am using in my work but only when it is appropriate, for example the Black Velvet might not work. However, the Bloody Mary as there is a lot going on with the red of the drink, yellow of lemons, the colour of the background and chopping board. I also prefer the photos that are on a slight downwards angle, which makes me feel like it is more appropriate to photograph my work that way.


Gonot has also done a series called ‘Fad Diets’, which looks at exactly that. After researching various diets to help her lose weight she didn’t feel like they would work but they could be visually stimulating, the photographs are her response to them. Such as the Baby Food Diet, The Model Diet, 7 Day Colour Diet and the Five Bite Diet. Again, a lot of these photos have clashing colours such as the blue of the background, yellow of lemons and earthy red of the cayenne pepper or the green of the peas on the red wall. As this work is very colour it again makes me question my own work, especially as a lot of the photos are so simplistic (especially as the diets are) I think about my own set up. Especially with the more simplistic photographs like the Aviation, and how I can make the photograph be so interesting when there will be so little in shot.


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