Interesting Artists

I have come across a few interesting series involving food and drink, that don’t necessarily have a direct link with my series. However I would like to write up on.


Marcos Alberti is a Brazilian photographer who usually works in the field of fashion and advertising, one of his personal projects entitled the Wine Project has received some online attention. What started off as a joke between friends shows the fun side of alcohol. He was compelled to do the project for a couple of reasons. One there is a saying:

The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love and the third glass is about mayhem

Alberti wanted to see if that was true but also he wanted to show alcohol’s fun side. He was quoted in saying that if you search on the internet about alcohol you only really read the negative points. However, between friends, drinking responsibly is a happy occasion.

Each image is a grid of four photographs, the first before any glasses of wine, the second after one glass, the third photo after two and the final photograph is after three. I think it is a really fun project as many people can relate to it. We know what each feeling is like from feeling fairly normal all the way to completely giggly an feeling very silly. Even on nights out, before alcohol not many photographs are taken. As the night draws on people become more confident and snap-happy. I feel the project is relatable due to its simple set up, the lighting isn’t complicated ad the background is fairly simple. This meaning you can project your own experiences into the photograph. Also the horizontal lines of the background aren’t completely straight, which is what the average person would do. The person isn’t overly edited nor do they have over the top make-up. It feels very real.

I really like the project as it is so relatable. I feel it is successful in showing the fun aspects of drinking with friends, it makes me feel like I am back at home with my friends becoming increasingly daft and chatty in a bar. I believe my project is trying to do something similar. I want to show people a different side to alcohol. I want to show not only where the drinks have come from but also that they aren’t some premixed fluorescent cocktail that you sip out of whatever glass the bar has (usually half pints!). Cocktails have been a big part of our culture and it is good to understand where that has come from. However, instead of being able to project your own experiences into the photograph I would like to give the context of the drink itself and the era it was created in. Almost to give the snapshot of the time.


Michael Kushner, an art director teamed up with Hedvig Astrom Kushner also an art director to create Pantone Smoothies. Hedvig Astrom Kushner makes a lot of smoothies, and realised there was almost a science behind it which is similar to mixing paint. It is a fun project to ask the simple question: ‘Is it possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone colour?’. Each photograph is created the same way he bought coloured paper from an art store, matched it to the appropriate Pantone colour (Pantone is the American equiverlant to Dulux). Then he tries to create a smoothie to match the colour. Each smoothie is photographed from above (by Michael Kushner) on the paper, then the ingredients are laid out and shot from above on the paper. Finally the smoothie is put in a glass wrapped in the Pantone colour code so it looks like a sample. Underneath each photograph is the ingredients and instructions.

This project is on a blog and Instagram page, I really like the simplicity of the project, again it is something quite fun. Some of the smoothies work better than others as it almost looks like the there is no differentiation between the smoothie and paper except for the texture of the drink itself. As it is quite a simple project I like how they have garnished the drinks, whether it is with a clashing colour or something of a similar colour to give a hint to the ingredients of the drink. If I were to present my project online I would do something similar to this project that it would be a blog and on each blog post or Instagram post would be the photograph of the cocktail and underneath the caption would have the ingredients and method to create the drink at home. This would also allow for extension on the project. However, I will need to think about physical presentation too.


PUTPUT is a collaboration between Stephen Friedli and Ulrik Matin Larsen. The aim of this particular pairing is to create deliberately ambiguous images so that a viewer looks twice. They have created various projects each with its own individual theme. For example in their series ‘Fitting’ they use everyday furniture and remove a part of it and replace it with an alien part such as the wheel of an office chair was replaced with an orange or the leg of a small table replace with a baguette. This project really does what the two collaborators aim to do. Similarly to ‘Spring Cleaning’ where they have created objects out of another object. For example instead of seeing spray come out of a cleaning spray there is a bunch small white flowers coming out of it to mimic the look of spray. If you were just scrolling past you probably wouldn’t think twice. Again these are really creative pieces, taken with a simple lighting structure, their use of colour gives me more of understanding on ways to be creative with my lighting. However, because I am telling a story I feel like I cannot deviate too far from the truth in terms of replacing items for something else.


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