Framing Research – In Context

After my individual tutorial with Gemma, I have now started to think about framing. I do believe it would be so much better to give my project more context. Additionally as each frame will be different this will reference popular cocktail bars of today for example The Cosy Club (a national chain of cocktail bars). They describe themselves as quirky and eccentric, the bar’s interior of each venue is very unique too. There is clash of style and eras with mish mash furniture, along with many paintings in various frames, flags and taxidermy. I don’t want to be as extreme as clashing as what the chain does, I find it too much. However, I want to use it as reference because they are a popular chain but also because of how they use multiple frames. For example this photo of their Bath restaurant. I noticed how they have separated the different shapes and almost segregated colours, which is not something I can do or want to do.  Another example is from their Leicester branch, on the right of the image there are multiple different frames next to each other. Part of the way it looks interesting is by changing the orientation of the picture. All pictures are don’t go below a certain height due to constrictions of radiators and furniture.


The Cosy Club, are definitely referencing more upmarket bars like Berners Tavern (my favourite bar FYI), all the walls are covered in paintings. Each picture has a different frame, although most of which are gold, black or brown so nothing jumps out too much. Again nothing is repetitive there are different orientations, different colours, styles and the content of the paintings varies. The colour of the wall behind is a plain and neutral brown, I assume to not detract from the paintings. You almost don’t notice there is a wall colour as the paintings are so tightly packed and cover so much. This is why I prefer the decor to that of Cosy Club, which on top of all the paintings, flags and taxidermy etc there is various patterned wallpapers. If possible I would paint the wall that I am on just because I feel the white of the wall will be a big contrast to some of the pictures.


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