Final Presentation: Initial Thoughts

I know I want to have a mix and matched frames for my photographs that are determined by the photos. My current ideas for the 6 images are:

  • Bramble: homely feel, maybe reclaimed wood. The reason for the homely feel is to enhance the idea of a family picnic. Some examples are this, this, this, this or this
  • Aviation: I wanted this to be very simple and clean cut like the drink itself. I first thought white, but I thought it would be too bright and distracting. I decided a simple and thin silver frame would be better. Additionally after researching into 1916 frames lots of silver frames came up. I feel it gives a idea of luxury and isn’t too distracting. Something like this
  • Espresso martini: I wanted something very prominent, I wanted it to be very 80s either blue to clash with the pink background or black to be even more heavy. I then went to a framers in Earlsdon to chat to them about ideas and get an idea of pricing. He suggest a double frame to make it even more eighties which I really like!
  • Bloody Mary: As this was in the Art Deco era I thought it would be good to have a simple wooden frame like it could have been hanging in a bar at the time. Similar to this.
  • Moscow Mule: Copper frame to mirror the copper mug. I have really struggled to find a copper photo frame, those that I have found can only be hung by string, which I don’t think is appropriate as I want some uniformity between the frames or they are standing only. One that I found was square and had stripe finish I liked the idea of having it square but as I haven’t got the final shot and not 100% on how it will look I don’t want to constrain myself. Also I don’t particularly like the finish. Another I found is made out of Polcore (recycled polystyrene) so is not copper material, I like the idea that my frames being adding something physical to the piece and for this photo the frame needs to mirror the copper mug exactly. Luckily, I found a frame from Heals although it’s not a framers this product matches what I want so well that I will probably buy it.
  • Black Velvet, during this period frames were very ornate, small and you could see the mounting. When I went to the framers he explained to me that this was because they only could print small photographs and they only had large frames as this is what they were used to so religious paintings. I also think this would be a good idea to have a ornate frame as the photo itself is so simple. There are so many frames that I liked from my researching such as this, this, this and some of these.

I went to the framers in Coventry market but there wasn’t anything I particularly liked. I also want to pay a visit to these stores:


To mirror the cocktail bar idea I thought the stories of each cocktail and my project idea should be displayed in a natural way such as a menu. And to display this I thought it would be good to have a high table to mimic a cocktail bar. I will see if there are any tables at university if not I will enquire about hiring one.


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