Objects for Each Photograph: Update

As my project has gone on the objects in it have changed or removed and I have added some new objects too.


Black Velvet:

  • Black satin background: as this was created in response to Prince Alberts Death I felt this would be appropriate, as it will mirror the dresses Victoria wore post Albert’s death.
  • Black lace: to add texture to the background and to reference a veil, like the Guinness was used to place a veil over the Champagne
  • Champagne flute: how you serve the drink
  • Orange blossom: this was part of the first gift Albert gave to Victoria. Also to represent the white flowers she put on his bed after his death maybe in a wreath to mimic the headwear she wore on their wedding day

Originally I had a few more items but I wanted to put in but I didn’t want this to be too complicated. I wanted to get across the idea of loneliness so just having the glass on it’s own I felt really reflected that. Similarly, with the flowers just to have a small bunch as to not over power the photograph


Bloody Mary

  • Tomato juice/salt/lemon/pepper/celery/ice: the ingredients
  • Shaker/measurer (jigger)/lemon squeezer/knife: bar material
  • White dress with tassels and sequins: for the evening gown and to mirror the flapper dress of the 1920s
  • Pearl necklace: to mirror the evening gown
  • Collins glass
  • Bar floor/chopping board: background

I decided not to add in any sports wear or equipment as I felt it would be too distracting from photo and was giving too much information and may not make sense. I removed the vodka for a few reasons, mainly because it didn’t look right but also the original ingredient wasn’t vodka – I also didn’t want to be brand specific where it wasn’t needed.


  • Cocktail glass with ingredients in.

This was was potentially the biggest change as I took out everything. I thought, ‘why fake a blue sky when you could have the real thing?’


Espresso Martini

  • Coffee beans: ingredients and to represent the mess of the machine
  •  Party poppers: representing the ‘f**k me up” and having a ‘messy night’
  • Martini glass
  • Make up, cigarettes: mirroring a night out
  • Bright patterned background: invoke the theme of the 80s

I removed the ingredients for a similar reason to the Bloody Mary I didn’t want to be brand specific and having a bottle with ‘vodka’ or ‘coffee liqueur’ would look ridiculous.



  • Blackberries/crushed ice: ingredients
  • Basket: blackberry picking
  • Grass and gingham background: Gingham in Europe and US has been a associated with country and wholesome image. Grass to show sitting on the ground
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandwiches, tarts, fruit: picnic food
  • Picnic basket
  • Tumbler glass

I decided to create a picnic scene, in the aim to bring back childhood memories of blackberry (or other fruit) picking. That way I could get across the feeling of being a child without being too obvious about it.


Moscow Mule

  • Smirnoff/ginger beer/lime
  • Knife and stirring spoon: equipment used
  • Copper mug
  • Polaroid camera
  • American coins: to represent lack of money
  • Oak floor background to mirror the warmth from the copper mug

I didn’t change much to this, I just added the equipment in, to give more substance to the image and to continue the silver for the coins through the image. I removed the polaroid photo as I just didn’t like it.


Remember The Maine

I thought I would remove this from the set, I really couldn’t visualise anything a photograph for it. Also I liked that each photograph had a different glass in it, with this I would be repeating one.


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