100 Word Synopsis

I wrote a 100 word synopsis on my project:


This project depicts the moment that created some well-known (or maybe not so well known) classic cocktails. Ranging from 1861 to 1985 each photograph has hints to suggest the era of the cocktail was created in. Additionally how cocktails have changed over one hundred years from having very minimal ingredients to being more complex. The aim is to give the viewer a better understanding of what they drink and to see it not just as a way to get drunk.


Anthony then made some ammendents, one of them being a title change to ‘Mixed Histories’ which I prefer so I have changed it.

This project imaginatively interprets the creation of some well-known (and some maybe not so well-known) classic cocktails, conceived in years ranging from 1861 to 1985. Throughout the timespan of over 100 years, the construction of the cocktail has developed from minimal ingredients to more complex creative recipes. Through this work Ullman aims to enable viewers to gain a better appreciation of what they drink and to see these creative alcoholic beverages as more than just a way to get drunk.


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