Cocktail Menu

I decided to get my cocktail menu printed in two locations this way I can choose the better one of the two or mix and match. I really wanted a piece of card that had texture to it. This was for two reasons to mirror some of the cocktail menus I have had and to make it more interesting as there isn’t much in terms of decoration.

I went to the Mailbox and John E Wright.

I first went to John E Wright, I completely forgot that I would need a multiple of four pages for a booklet. To start with I added them at the end but I had a change of heart and luckily was able to change it. Orginally the first quote was on the inside cover and then I changed it to the first page.


John E Wright: I didn’t feel like the binding was particularly good and the paper didn’t come out as textured as I liked as well as the cream was a bit too yellow.


Mailbox: I much preferred the look of this one and you can see the indentations from the texture of the paper, which is what I wanted to make the menu more interesting. Therefore I have decided to go with this one.DSC_1123


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