Final Presentation

I printed the photos on two types of paper one on matt and the other semi gloss. I thought it would be good if they were all on the same paper and because I preferred the Black Velvet and Bloody Mary on matt and there was little difference once in the frames.

The only problem was with the Bramble, I wasn’t aware there would be a mount so my print didn’t fill the frame but when I got another print that was larger I actually didn’t like it without so I have left it in.


I wanted to think about how I was going to hang the images on the wall. I knew I wanted the images to go in chronological order with the Black Velvet at the top to show the physically the time difference between that and the Bramble (124 years). Something similar to this:


I have thought about the distance between image to be in cm could be the number of years between each cocktail’s origin.  However, there is too many complications such as do I just do that with two frames? I couldn’t do it with more than one because of the different frame and photo sizes. Also there would be huge gaps between some and barely any between others. I thought it was best to make it uniformed. This way it will be more simplified in between busy photographs and different frames.


I decided ten cm was a good amount as it kept the photographs close but also giving every photo breathing room.


I didn’t like the alignment of the three photos on the left, it looked too neat. It was the Black Velvet that I wasn’t sure where to place.


I didn’t like it in the centre as it looked like a Christmas tree.


This felt too far away.



I then put it on the same level as the Aviation and Bloody Mary and this worked a lot better. It looks like a feature wall. I would like it so the bottom of the Aviation photo is at eye level (I am 5’6). This way they are very visible to all heights of people, and they’re not too high and not too low.


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