Art and Alcohol

As part of the BP spotlight exhibitions at the Tate Britain, London Art and Alcohol is one of the latest in the series. It shows how over centuries artists have depicted people and alcohol. The earliest piece was William Hogarth’s Gin Lane, 1751 which shows the drunkenness that ensued after the uncontrolled production of gin. The most recent piece by Richard Billingham in 1994 called Untitled from the series Ray’s a Laugh. The series depicts the life of Billingham’s parents and their relationship between them with his fathers chronic alcoholism. The two main pieces in the exhibition are The Worship of Bacchus 1860-2 by George Cruikshank. This … Continue reading Art and Alcohol

Picnic Photo

When scrolling through Instagram I came across this photograph on the City Social Bar’s Instagram page: It reminded me of the Bramble photograph I am taking. However, it is clearly a lot more set up than what I am aiming for. Everything is very neatly in place so you can see everything in the Basket they’re selling. Each object has it’s place and are equidistant from each other so your eye isn’t drawn to one particular object. For Instagram this isn’t a bad thing but for a project like mine which has a particular focus on the drink itself. Also … Continue reading Picnic Photo

Individual Tutorial

Today I had a individual tutorial with Gemma and I feel it went really well. She felt my photographs from over the weekend were really good and I was getting the hang of setting up an authentic ‘faked’ image and using different textures. I feel I will need to reshoot them in the next couple of weeks and all being well they could be my final pieces! She felt what  I need to do now is think about presentation. We both agreed it would be really great to have different frames to match the photograph and era. This would also … Continue reading Individual Tutorial

Individual Tutorial

I had a quick chat with Anthony today it was hard to say much as I am still waiting for a lot of material to arrive and experiment with so a lot of the feedback was just keep experimenting. He also has put me in contact with a bar owner to try some on location practice, so fingers crossed for that! He also said to look at the work of Jan Von Holleben, a German photographer who works a lot with children to create some very playful and often fantastical pieces. A lot of his work is also looking down … Continue reading Individual Tutorial

1983 & 1985

These two dates relate to two drinks created by Dick Bradsell. 1983 saw the birth of the Espresso Martini when a women came into the bar Bradsell managed and asked for a drink to “wake her up and f- her up”. 1985 saw the birth of the Bramble – a drink in response to his childhood memories of the English countryside. Photography In 1981 the first digital electronic still camera the photographs could then be displayed in a television or colour printer. In 1986 disposable cameras or ‘single use cameras’. Artwork Post modernism started in the 1970s and had it’s … Continue reading 1983 & 1985


The Moscow Mule was created by Rudolf Kunnet when he acquired a vodka brand that wasn’t doing so well that went by the name of Smirnov. His business partner who then bought a dying brand of ginger beer. They mixed the ginger beer and vodka, rounded it off with a squeeze of lime. They served it in a copper mug – allegedly from another failing business. And thus the Moscow Mule was born. Photography In 1947 Polaroid photography was invented, as the Polaroid was pivotal in the popularity of the Moscow Mule I feel like I need to include it in the photograph in … Continue reading 1941