Moscow Mule Shoot

Today I did what I hope was my final shoot for the project. I started off very unsure of how I wanted my photographs to look. I knew I wanted different textures from the limes with some used and others not. It all looked very placed and planned and not natural. I threw the limes around a bit more cut some more up. I asked a couple of course mates to see what they thought, they suggested making the shadows more intense and to put some limes in the background so there wasn’t so much dead space. Right at the … Continue reading Moscow Mule Shoot

Bloody Mary

Today I did the final shoot for the Bloody Mary. It started off me trying to recreate the last shoot, which was good but I just didn’t didn’t feel right. Each shoot I have had the dress either on the right or the left but I then tried it at the bottom. This way the viewer is looking at the picture almost like they are wearing the dirty dress looking at the scene before them.   I really like the dramatic lighting – the reason it is so dark is referencing two things Prohibition where bars were hidden, sometimes they … Continue reading Bloody Mary

Black Velvet

Today I photographed the Black Velvet, I knew it would be a very simple shot. I started out with the two bottles but I just didn’t feel like it worked. I liked the solitary glass – I felt like it paralleled the loneliness feeling from losing a loved one. I tried different flower positions but I really liked where it was wrapped around the glass like it was comforting it.   I had a bit of trouble with the camera to start with hence the mid point having some technical errors. I particularly liked the last shot and feel quietly … Continue reading Black Velvet

Espresso Martini

Last night I tried my first attempted at the Espresso Martini. I wanted clashing colours and for it to look like a party at a bar hence the party poppers, cigarettes and make up falling out of the bag. I also wanted it to be relating back to the story hence why there is a lot of mess of coffee. The lighting is quite dark to mirror a bar too. I really like the results.   Continue reading Espresso Martini


This weekend I also practiced the photograph for the Bramble. I wanted to create a picnic scene that a child would be at after they had been blackberry picking. I realised very quickly that I needed So I cut off the crust for the sandwiches and used jam tarts. I tried various angles and positions.     I much prefer the photos on the grass with the glass in the middle. Even though, the plasters are true to the story I don’t think it works in the picture. This is the same for the bramble – it looks too placed and … Continue reading Bramble