Final Presentation

I printed the photos on two types of paper one on matt and the other semi gloss. I thought it would be good if they were all on the same paper and because I preferred the Black Velvet and Bloody Mary on matt and there was little difference once in the frames. The only problem was with the Bramble, I wasn’t aware there would be a mount so my print didn’t fill the frame but when I got another print that was larger I actually didn’t like it without so I have left it in.   I wanted to think … Continue reading Final Presentation

Cocktail Menu

I decided to get my cocktail menu printed in two locations this way I can choose the better one of the two or mix and match. I really wanted a piece of card that had texture to it. This was for two reasons to mirror some of the cocktail menus I have had and to make it more interesting as there isn’t much in terms of decoration. I went to the Mailbox and John E Wright. I first went to John E Wright, I completely forgot that I would need a multiple of four pages for a booklet. To start … Continue reading Cocktail Menu

100 Word Synopsis

I wrote a 100 word synopsis on my project:   This project depicts the moment that created some well-known (or maybe not so well known) classic cocktails. Ranging from 1861 to 1985 each photograph has hints to suggest the era of the cocktail was created in. Additionally how cocktails have changed over one hundred years from having very minimal ingredients to being more complex. The aim is to give the viewer a better understanding of what they drink and to see it not just as a way to get drunk.   Anthony then made some ammendents, one of them being … Continue reading 100 Word Synopsis

Cocktail Menu

As discussed in the formative feedback I started on my cocktail menu, I did try to get help from a first or second year designer but none of them responded to my request. To start with I looked at templates for cocktail and bar menus on line. Many were long and thing menus, like what the group discussed during the feedback session. The average was around 10-12inches tall and 3.5-5 inches wide. So I went for 10x5inches. I then went back to my post about cocktail menus, I really like Basement Sate and Cocktail Trading Co‘s menu. I liked the clashing … Continue reading Cocktail Menu

Objects for Each Photograph: Update

As my project has gone on the objects in it have changed or removed and I have added some new objects too.   Black Velvet: Black satin background: as this was created in response to Prince Alberts Death I felt this would be appropriate, as it will mirror the dresses Victoria wore post Albert’s death. Black lace: to add texture to the background and to reference a veil, like the Guinness was used to place a veil over the Champagne Champagne flute: how you serve the drink Orange blossom: this was part of the first gift Albert gave to Victoria. Also to … Continue reading Objects for Each Photograph: Update

Final Presentation: Initial Thoughts

I know I want to have a mix and matched frames for my photographs that are determined by the photos. My current ideas for the 6 images are: Bramble: homely feel, maybe reclaimed wood. The reason for the homely feel is to enhance the idea of a family picnic. Some examples are this, this, this, this or this Aviation: I wanted this to be very simple and clean cut like the drink itself. I first thought white, but I thought it would be too bright and distracting. I decided a simple and thin silver frame would be better. Additionally after researching … Continue reading Final Presentation: Initial Thoughts

Framing Research – In Context

After my individual tutorial with Gemma, I have now started to think about framing. I do believe it would be so much better to give my project more context. Additionally as each frame will be different this will reference popular cocktail bars of today for example The Cosy Club (a national chain of cocktail bars). They describe themselves as quirky and eccentric, the bar’s interior of each venue is very unique too. There is clash of style and eras with mish mash furniture, along with many paintings in various frames, flags and taxidermy. I don’t want to be as extreme … Continue reading Framing Research – In Context

Choosing A Name

As we are fast approaching the deadline I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about the title for this project. First of all I thought about what words I associate with my project such as: Cocktails Mixology Mixed drinks Spirits Origins History Possible I know as soon as soon as someone sees my project they would know it was about cocktails so I wanted the title to say it would be about the history. Ideally also that it is not a definite  history. To start with I thought of some corny titles like ‘Mixology Memories’.  I couldn’t … Continue reading Choosing A Name